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Aeromaster Compost Mineral Blends

There is more to soil fertility than NPK or "Mineralization." A good soil fertility program will address all three aspects of the soil: structure, chemistry, and biology. Aeromaster Humus Technology makes fertility programs more simple, efficient, and cost effective by restructuring the soil (porosity, increased water holding capacity, more oxygen, house for microbe), making minerals more effective in the soil (fewer minerals needed for an even greater result, reduced nitrogen), and filling the soil with diverse, beneficial microorganisms.

Aeromaster Humus Technology in the form of Aeromaster Humus Compost/Compost Mineral Blends and Compost Tea does not only give short-term benefits, but also provides long-term benefits improving year after year! At Penn Valley Farms, our goal is to help each farmer develop the most economically viable fertility program for his farm.

Soil tests are a very important function of soil fertility planning. It provides an approximation of what is available to the plants in the soil. However, to get the soils into balance through mineralization only, can take huge amounts of minerals at high costs! Many times the addition of minerals is lost through leaching, evaporation and nutrient tie-up.

Aeromaster Humus Compost Mineral Blends provide a solution to this problem by solubolizing minerals and holding them in the soil until the plant needs them. The humus in the Aeromaster Humus Compost has a very powerful magnetic attraction which allows this phenomenon to take place. The magnetic properties of the humus pushes (magnetizes) the clay colloids apart which also impacts soil balance. Soils are brought back into balance with far less minerals needed to accomplish the task!

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