Lawns & Turf

Better Lawns & Turf with Aeromaster Humus

Are you concerned about the increasing health risks of commercial fertilizers on your lawn?

Do you want your children and pets to have a safe environment where they can run and play?

Would you prefer to use organic soil amendments that do not impose upon the health of you and your family?

Applying Aeromaster Humus Compost and PVF Liquid Humus will help you improve your lawns and turf in a way that is safe and environmentally friendly. Using our alternative soil amendments will help you do your part in improving the environment!

Ask about our Turf Blend which contains Aeromaster Humus Compost blended with specific mined minerals to bring the energy boost your lawn needs.

In time, what other benefits might you experience with Aeromaster Humus Technology?

  • Invigorated grass growth which suppresses weeds
  • Better soil structure (more nutrients available for the grass)
  • Increased water holding capacity of your lawn (better drought tolerance)

Our Turf blend of Aeromaster Humus should ideally be applied during early spring or late summer for optimal results.

PVF Liquid Humus should also be applied several times throughout the year for an even greener lawn and better results.

Contact us about ordering the Turf Blend of Aeromaster Humus.

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