How It's Different

Aeromaster Humus

Traditional Compost

Raw Manure

Biologically Stable Comparison
Pungent Odors Comparison
Weed Seeds Comparison
Pathogens and Disease Comparison
Moisture Absorption Comparison
Salinity (Salt Content) Comparison
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Aeromaster Humus is an organic nutrient-stable, humified compost that creates a perfect environment where microbes and plants interact and thrive in a symbiotic relationship.

Humus Compost is much more valuable than traditional compost because it has captured many missing minerals & nutrients that traditional compost does not capture.

While humus can form naturally, it forms very slowly and the process takes many years. Through a carefully controlled composting process, we are able to build this humus in 10 - 12 weeks, meaning you don't have to wait 50 years for healthy soil!

Traditional compost is often only partially broken down organic matter that has not been restructured or stabilized.

It is missing many valuable compounds and contains particles of the remaining less valuable nutrients.

It may still be semi-reactive and smelly. It can often contain weed seeds, and pathogens, and is often high in salts or other chemicals that have not been rendered inert.

Raw manure and organic waste contain lots of nutrients, but not in a stable form. When repeatedly applied directly to your soil, it can damage your soil structure.

Raw manure absorbs directly into plant roots forcing them to absorb raw nutrients in an imbalanced way, causing improper cell development.

Raw waste is typically smelly, may contain weed seeds, and may have pathogens that are harmful to your plants and yourself, if ingested.

How It Works

Improve Soil Tilth
& Moisture Control

Humus breaks apart hard and compacted soils by magnetizing the clay colloids, forcing them apart. The loose, spongy structure holds more moisture, and allows space for air in the root zone.

This improved soil environment enables plants to grow more extensive root systems, giving them access to more moisture and nutrients in the soil. Proper soil structure allows excess water to pass through while retaining nutrients and avoiding compaction.

  • Loosen Compacted Soil
  • Improve Drought Tolerance
  • Encourage Root Growth
  • Promote Aerobic Conditions
  • Reduce Run-Off
  • Reduce Weed Pressure
  • Improve Nutrient Holding Capacity

Maximize Nutrients
& Reduce Inputs

Aeromaster Humus has the ultimate holding capacity for nutrients. Humus has both positive and negative charged sites, creating a powerful magnetic attraction for nutrients and minerals, making them available to plants. Humus provides a perfect environment for microbial life to flourish and interact with plant roots. This also improves the nutrient availability.

Because Humus holds nutrients to itself, it reduces the opportunity for nutrients to bind with themselves (known as tie-up). This means less additional nutrients need to be applied to your soil, saving you money on fertilizer costs.

  • Restore Nutrient Balance to Soil
  • Reduce Nutrient Tie-Up
  • Improve Nutrient Availability
  • Reduce Fertilizer Inputs

Naturally Improve
Plant Health
& Yields

By increasing nutrient availability, we are enabling the plant to naturally uptake nutrients as needed - meaning the plant is able to get precisely the right nutrients, at the exact time it needs them. Your plants will be better equipped to naturally fight disease and overcome adverse conditions.

The result is healthier, more vibrant plants with better resilience and ability to produce incredible yields, while improving the flavor and nutrient density in the fruit.

  • Improve Disease Resistance
  • Produce Higher Yields
  • Improve Nutrient Density
  • Improve Flavor
How It's Made

Develop A Recipe

We start by carefully selecting ingredients to build a proper carbon-to-nitrogen ratio for optimal breakdown, and to create an optimal environment for microbes to thrive.



All ingredients must be properly hydrated and synchronized for a uniform breakdown process. When the carbons and nitrogeneous materials are mixed together, the thermophilic and microbial breakdown begins the composting process.


Capture Nutrients

When organic cells break down, over 90% of their volume is released as volatile compounds into the air like ammonia. This is what causes the pungent and nasty odors that are often associated with raw manure and compost. More importantly, this loses valuable nutrients and compounds into the air! With the Aeromaster process, we inoculate our windrows with special microbes and incorporate clay particles into the windrow that actually capture these volatile compounds to hold them for later use.


Monitor Breakdown

Temperature, carbon dioxide, and moisture levels are monitored daily, to make sure the organic materials are reacting properly and the breakdown process continues at an optimal pace. If the materials are not reacting properly, it will lengthen the process, and valuable nutrients will be lost. If the reaction is too slow, the cycle may shut down or hinder the humus building process.


Proper Moisture

Maintaining proper moisture levels is critical to the composting process. Too much moisture causes anaerobic conditions. Too little moisture slows the break-down which delays the compost cycle.


Proper Aeration

The compost windrows are turned regularly to maintain high oxygen levels and to expel carbon dioxide. Adequate oxygen levels are necessary to help beneficial microbes thrive, and continue the breakdown process in a healthy aerobic environment.


Sterilize Pathogens

During the proper compost cycle, optimum heat and moisture levels combine to sterilize any pathogens and disease that may have been in the raw waste. This heat cycle also renders any weed seeds non-viable.


Humus Build-Up

This process requires extra special care and attention. After the organic material is completely broken down, we inoculate the windrow with special microbes called humifiers. These humifiers form long carbon chain molecules which stabilizes the compost and any remaining volatiles, while holding nutrients in a plant-ready form.

The windrow must be turned carefully, so as not to pulverize these forming carbon chains, while still properly aerating the material to supply adequate oxygen for the multitude of beneficial microbial life that thrives in the humus environment.

As the windrow matures, the humus chain forms a crumb-like structure around the clay particles. This holds the nutrients in an incredible environment that is alive with microbes in what we know as Aeromaster Humus!


Weed Control

Healthy soil reduces weeds! Weeds abound in compacted soils, and soils with nutrient tie-up. Noxious weeds actually germinate due to certain toxins caused by anaerobic soil conditions.

More Nutrients

The strong magnetic attraction of humus to minerals not only keeps them available to plants, but also holds them until the plant calls for more.

Less Water

Plants with balanced access to nutrients grow healther and actually require less water to grow!

Disease & Pests

Unhealthy plants are more susceptible to disease and pests. Microbes in humus improves nutrient availablity which helps plants naturally ward off these threats.

Nutrient Density

As the plant grows, it signals microbes to prepare the necessary nutrients. By enabling the plant to extract the proper nutrients in proper balance as it was designed, it builds healthy cells with more nutrients. This translates to more nutrients being stored in the fruit.

Incredible Flavor

Flavor is the result of more sugars (energy) and nutrients being stored in the fruit. Humus enables you to grow better tasting produce, better feed for cattle, and sweeter fruit in an orchard.


Humus creates the ultimate environment for microbes to live in symbiosis with plant roots. This gives the plants greater access to more nutrients and moisture.

Better Yields

By reducing the threats and competition to plants, and supplying plants everything they need to grow, humus enables plants to naturally produce better yields!

Humus Based Products