Benefits of Humus

Aeromaster Humus has incredible capabilities!

Solubilizes soil nutrients.

Many soils already have lots of nutrients in them, but they are "unavailable" to plants. The microbial life in humus compost helps to make these nutrients plant useable, thereby requiring fewer inputs.

Holds nutrients in the soil for plant use.

The strong magnetic attraction of humus to minerals not only keeps them available to plants, but also holds them until the plant calls for more. In this model the plant dictates what enters its roots. Thus, extraction vs. absorption!

Loosens tight soils.

Humus breaks hard soils apart by magnetizing the clay colloids which forces them apart. This allows roots to grow deeper and excessive water to drain through the soil. Soils are also brought into a better balance when they are loosened!

Increases root mass.

Because of better structure and microbial life, roots are free to express their potential in the soil. The bigger the root mass, the more nutrients can be extracted from the soil, the more sun energy can be harvested!

Holds up to four times its own weight in water.

With this powerful attraction to water, humus compost greatly reduces your need for irrigation; and helps your crops weather droughts.

Helps bring soils into balance.

Humus Compost is able to bring the soils into a better balance through its capability of solubilizing and holding minerals and soil loosening capacity. Balanced soils greatly improve plant health.

Better Weed Control.

Raw manure creates an atmosphere that weeds love: hardened soil, toxins, and in heavier applications puts the soil chemistry out of balance! Weeds abound in compacted soils and toxins cause weed seed germination. Imbalanced soils also have weeds attempting to bring the soil back to a better balance. Humus in Aeromaster Humus Compost and Liquid Humus extract, performs the exact opposite scenario, where soils are loosened, microbial life is enhanced, and chemistry is brought back into balance. This all establishes healthy soil; and in healthy soil, weed pressure is greatly reduced!

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Aeromaster Humus Compost is organic material that has been broken down in a carefully controlled process through thermophilic and microbial processes which capture more critical nutrients and stable carbon than regular composting. These nutrients are then rebuilt into a complex carbon structure called Aeromaster Humus.

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